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As a manufacturer's rep, you get new product and pricing information from 17 different lines every week.

Your customers expect information that is always, completely, 100% up to date...

Especially your price sheets.

Smile. Your problem has just been solved.

With the power of the web, DigiBinder offers a solution for rep firms that will allow you to give your customers an information source that is always, completely 100% up to date.

DigiBinder is a password-protected web-based portfolio that allows you to quickly organize and upload a complete online library of virtually any resource including spec sheets, manuals, price sheets, images and more. Customers always have access to updates and never make purchasing decisions from dated pricing or technical information.

It's simple to use because it was designed for non-technical folks. DigiBinder can be used by itself or it can be integrated into your existing Web site, driving more traffic to it.

But DigiBinder is much more than a source of information for your customers; it's an information source for you. DigiBinder will give you detailed reports on who has been accessing files, which files and when. DigiBinder even contains a built-in e-mail tool, allowing you to market your products through broadcast e-mail campaigns to your customers.

Do you have customers that don't have easy, everyday Internet access? We thought of that, too. With the press of a button, you can generate DigiBinder CD ROMs - exact copies of your DigiBinder on a MAC-and PC-compatible CD.

What is the cost of having DigiBinder? Well, if you spend $100 a month or so dealing with paperwork, mailings, stamps, photocopies, etc., then DigiBinder will pay for itself. What's more, DigiBinder speeds up the sales cycle and frees you and your staff to do more productive things. DigiBinder also sends the right message to your stakeholders - it says, "We care about speed and accuracy, and we understand how to use technology."

So, what is the cost of having DigiBinder? A better question would be "What is the cost of not having DigiBinder?"

You can try DigiBinder for yourself for free. Click here for a free trial account!